The Jungle Gym                        "A Roarin' Good Time!"

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Dear Friends of The Jungle Gym,

        We will be closing our doors at the end of January 2012. It has been such a pleasure and a blessing to have spent this amazing time in our community of families. We have enjoyed all of the laughter, fun, and excitement had by all, here, at The Jungle Gym. We will forever treasure our pleasant memories and the relationships we have made! We again extend a huge "thank you" to all of our supporters!
        To any of our past "birthday kids" who wish to keep their picture and frame from our wall, simply email or send a Facebook message, and you are free to pick it up!
        Also, we will be selling some of our equipment. If anyone is interested in purchasing an item, please contact me by one of the following:

      (email)   or   (cell phone)   423-802-1001

Krisy Evitts


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